Admissions open for the session 2024-25
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People Behind

The DIS faculty comprises of a group of highly qualified, experienced faculty, skilled in value - based teaching, with good communication and presentation abilities, dealing in all areas of child development viz classroom management, innovative and play way learning methods and much more to ensure that the stronger the start, the greater the finish for every child. Our qualified and dedicated teachers impart education to our pupils with complete and selfless commitment and this certainly earns them with tremendous respect from their students and develops a special bonding with the pupils.

DIS encourages its teachers to participate in Seminars & Workshops related to their field of education to enhance their effectiveness in teaching.

DIS believes that every child is unique, and that by providing individual attention the immense potential within him can be tapped and thus an environment that is ideal for joyous learning has been created where teachers act as facilitators and mentors.

Faculty & Staff

Ms. Manjima Gautam-PGT Ms. Bneat Kour Behl-TGT Ms. Jayeeta Dey Ganguly-TGT
Ms. Shreya James Joseph-TGT Ms. Akanksha Sharma-TGT Ms. Seema Rani-PRT
Ms. Sarita Nain-PRT Ms. Komal Tanwar-PRT -
Ms. Madhu Kalra-TGT Ms. Suman Kumari-TGT Ms. Malti Sharma-TGT
Ms. Pooja Sharma-TGT Ms. Lata Singh (Sanskrit)–TGT Ms. Kamla Sharma-PRT
Ms. Pratibha Saxena-PRT Ms. Kavita Sharma-PRT -
Mr. Vineet Bhardwaj-PGT Mr. Vishu Tomar-TGT Ms. Amrita Datta-TGT
Ms. Yuvakshi Mittal-TGT Ms. Ankita Paliwal-PRT Ms. Priyanshi-PRT
Ms. Nidhi Shukla-PRT - -
Ms. Anita Jha-TGT Ms. Madhuri Singh-PRT Ms. Anjali Raj-PRT
Ms. Anjana Devi-PRT Ms. Sarita Nain-PRT -
Ms. Tripti Dogra-PGT Biology Mr. Sumer Kumar-PGT-Physics Mr. Rajiv Sharma-PGT-Chemistry
Ms. Megha-TGT Ms. Monalisha Tyagi-TGT Ms. Ankita-PRT
Ms. Nidhi Shukla-PRT Ms. Jaspreet Kaur-PRT Ms. Priyanshi-PRT
Ms. Anjana Devi-PRT - -
Ms. Vandana Arora-PGT Ms. Manju Thakur-PGT -
Ms. Ritika Sobti Dahiya-PGT Ms. Anu Sharma-PGT Mr. Amit Kumar-PGT
Ms. Sanchita Ashish Arora-PGT Ms. Yagya Vishwamitra-PGT Ms. Ushas Menon-PGT
Ms. Tamanna Sharma-PGT - -
Mr. Sudhir Mishra-PGT Ms. Manju Rohella-TGT Ms. Niharika Saini-PRT-Yoga
Ms. Lakshmi Sharma-PRT Ms. Shiva Gupta-PRT Ms. Pratibha Goyal-PRT
Ms. Jyoti Kathuria-PRT Ms. Nutan Jha-PRT Ms. Ruchika Bhaita-PRT
Ms. Shweta Aggarwal-PRT Ms. Monika Khutel-PRT Ms. Disha Rana-PRT
Ms. Sangeeta Singh-PRT - -
Ms. Jasmine Rana-NTT Ms. Jaansee Dhankhar-NTT Ms. Ridhima Vasudev-NTT
Ms. Tannu Aggarwal- NTT Ms. Neetu Sharma-NTT Ms. Sarita Singh-NTT
Ms. Garima Chhabra-NTT - -
Ms. Sanchita Arora Ms. Sapna Kumari
Mr. Bhupender Singh-PGT Ms. Shalini Goyal-TGT Ms. Chandni- PRT
Mr. Shyam Kumar-TGT-Music Mr. Pingmayar Siro-TGT-Music Mr. Himanshu Sharma-PRT-Music
Ms. Dipasree-Dance Teacher Ms. Nisha Sharma-Dance Teacher Mr. Vijay Saini-Karate Coach
Mr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar-Sakating Coach - -
Ms. Manleen Kaur- TGT Ms. Neha Sharma-PRT
Ms. Tamanna Sharma - Counselor Ms. Navdeep K. Gill - Special Educator
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