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With a broader vision, our aim is to enhance every child’s personality by accessing his/her scholastic & co-scholastic development

DIS is a steadfast advocate of environmental issues. We inculcate moral values in students. We empower the students with the knowledge and make them evolve as complete human beings.

Committed to creating the path for
those who change the world.

DIS R.P singh
Dr. R.P. Singhal
Former and Founder Chairman

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”

As we write about our dear sir, who was a true teacher, mentor, and philosopher of the Delhi International Group of Schools, words fall short.

Dr. R.P. Singhal had held a number of important roles in his career, ranging from former CBSE chairman to World Bank Advisor. In April 2007, the Chief Minister of Delhi presented him with the "Lifelong Contribution to School Education Award."

His mission had always been to motivate pupils to grow intellectually, creatively, and morally in order to become self-sufficient, socially responsible, and globally aware citizens. His words, like a beacon of light, inspire us to continue to toll for the noble cause of education. His lofty ideas and profound wisdom have propelled DIS to a higher level of advancement and growth.

Mr. Y.P. Purang
(Chairman of DIS )

Shri Y.P. Purang is the honourable chairman of DIS. He retired as Additional Chairman of DIS after 35 years of distinguished service with the Chairman of DIS , G.N.C.T Delhi.

During his service, he brought out many reforms in the functioning of school, students and teachers. He was considered a kind, helpful and very popular officer, easily approachable for the redressal of the grievances of students, teachers and also their Parents.

In addition to his normal duties in the dept because of excellent academic background in the field of science, he was associated with NCERT, SCERT, CBSE, D.B.T.B and DoE as their resource person. In the field of science education, he was also associated with various committees of NCERT and CBSE for curriculum development, Text Book writing then review and then approval for the Science book of class VI to XII.

He was also associated with CBSE for many years as Member of its Governing Body, Member of Advisory Board, Member of SCERT, DoE and Advisory Board Member of PMT, PRE, DENTAL.

He has been writer of many books in Science, Biology including Text books approved by some boards including CBSE.

He is recipient of State Award Delhi, Dr Radhakrishnan Award and National Award for meritorious services in the field of education.

Mr. Y.P Purang
Mr. Anand Kumar
Mr. Anand Kumar
Renowned Educationalist & Founder Of Super 30 Curriculum Advisor of DIS group of schools

“You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else”

Shri Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and columnist. He is well known for his super 30 class which he started in Patna, Bihar. He educates economically underprivileged students for the IIT-JEE, the Indian Institutes of Technology's entrance exams (IITs).

He is our Curriculum Advisor and a specialist at encouraging pupils. He even makes special visits to meet the students. Mr. Kumar's story empowers and inspires the children because it shows how people may utilise failure as a stepping stone to new heights via tenacity, courage, and a positive mindset.

Shri Bhagat Singh
School's Executive Director

The school's achievement is the result of many people's dreams and tireless efforts. Among them, the name of Shri Bhagat Singh shines out like a pole star. He is the school's executive director. He is a man with more than 40 years of teaching and administrative experience.

He is a strong leader and a thorough academician with a professional attitude. His mantra has always been " Better the best ". He has made a significant contribution to the growth of DIS Dwarka into an outstanding institution with a clear focus on developing global leaders with hearts.

Shri Bhagat Singh is well known for his perseverance and unwavering quest of greatness, just like the fruit-laden tree that leans more humbly to the earth.

He is a consummate scholar who lives by Jerry Morgan's quote:

"Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process"

Shri Bhagat Singh
Dr. Priti Ojha
Ms. Shruti Sharma
Head of School

Dear Parents and Students,

As the Head of School of Delhi International School Dwarka Sector 23, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website and I thank you for taking the time to visit it.
The learning and development of the children in our care are at the heart of everything that we do. We ensure high-quality education which motivates and empowers our students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners thereby making them productive members of society. Success for all students is ensured at our school by the delivery of an enriching, student-centred, balanced and structured curriculum. We look forward to developing an education system that nurtures critical thinkers by encouraging questioning and leading to innovation.

We firmly believe in the dictum of the Quote: “Where a Team Works, Dream Works” hence we consider consistently working together to address each student’s specific needs both academically and socially.

Working in partnership – with the school, learners, teachers and parents, we will be able to take DIS to the next highest level of excellence. Our continued association will ensure that our learners are progressing and becoming global heads with noble hearts.

My commitment to our community is to lead the school with full integrity and zeal to enable us to reach our goals, making teaching and learning both meaningful and joyful. Let us make every moment count in the lives of our learners with the intention to make our best, better each day.

My Philosophy of education is to empower the students in various spheres of life to embrace the challenges that they might face in the future. Thus, students should be imparted with the skill set to pave their path in a complex and constantly evolving future. The super skills that will give them an edge over others are creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

The best way to deliver these skills is to make the content relevant to the learners. Transmission and rote learning will lead to a lack of interest that in turn will cause a decline in motivation. Designing some innovative activities and being creative can improve the scores and immerse the learners, aiding them in their learning journey.

Students should be encouraged to ask questions and appreciated to raise queries. When students get curious, we are instilling in them a passion for learning. This also assists in bridging the learning gap(s) and providing opportunities to reflect and re-think on their previous thinking. It will undoubtedly boosts confidence in the learners and in turn enable them to take the onus of their own learning.

Motivating them by asking open ended questions, keeping in mind to acknowledge and accept number of responses will further lead to inquiry and analysis. Using ‘Thinking Routines’ to provide a framework for the students to engage them in their learning by making connections, thinking critically and exploring possibilities will indeed help.

Extending constructive, specific feedback and allowing the learners to reflect is crucial in the journey. Knowledge will be added and multiplied when dialogues and discussions are open and each individual is tolerant to accept the other’s view point and then reflect, generating opportunities of metacognition, assisting them to find solutions that will eventually help in correct decision making to uplift the teaching and learning and above all make it joyful.

Let us all work together towards developing global citizens with noble hearts fulfilling the commitment to a lifelong learning with the power of education.

Wishing you success and well-being!
Ms. Shruti Sharma
Head of School

DIS Vision banner

DIS Vision

  • We nurture a balanced development of body, mind and spirit by providing children a safe, orderly and efficient environment. To foster holistic development we encourage young minds to be creative, critical thinker, confident, adaptable, empathetic, problem solvers and decision makers in order to excel their imagination gateway from local to global mindset and to make our students collaborate, reflect and work in a team to sustain our environment.
DIS Mission banner

DIS Mission

  • Providing an environment which lays emphasis on the intellectual and emotional growth of children/students.
  • Laying emphasis on discipline, ethics / moral values, hard work and responsibility of students.
  • Providing diversity and communal harmony in the classrooms.
  • Following the learner centric approach.
  • Ensuring the educators are well qualified to provide the effective teaching skills in a changing world.
  • Providing the staff with a high degree of professional Integrity.

People Behind

The DIS faculty comprises of a group of highly qualified, experienced faculty, skilled in value - based teaching, with good communication and presentation abilities, dealing in all areas of child development viz classroom management, innovative and play way learning methods and much more to ensure that the stronger the start, the greater the finish for every child. Our qualified and dedicated teachers impart education to our pupils with complete and selfless commitment and this certainly earns them with tremendous respect from their students and develops a special bonding with the pupils.

DIS encourages its teachers to participate in Seminars & Workshops related to their field of education to enhance their effectiveness in teaching.

DIS believes that every child is unique, and that by providing individual attention the immense potential within him can be tapped and thus an environment that is ideal for joyous learning has been created where teachers act as facilitators and mentors.

Faculty & Staff

Ms. Manjima Gautam-PGT Ms. Bneat Kour Behl-PGT Ms. Jayeeta Dey Ganguly-TGT
Ms. Shreya James Joseph-TGT Ms. Akanksha Sharma-TGT Ms. Seema Rani-PRT
Ms. Sarita Nain-PRT Ms. Komal Tanwar-PRT -
Ms. Madhu Kalra-TGT Ms. Suman Kumari-TGT Ms. Malti Sharma-TGT
Ms. Pooja Sharma-TGT Ms. Lata Singh (Sanskrit)–TGT Ms. Kamla Sharma-PRT
Ms. Pratibha Saxena-PRT Ms. Kavita Sharma-PRT -
Mr. Vineet Bhardwaj-PGT Mr. Vishu Tomar-TGT Ms. Amrita Datta-TGT
Ms. Yuvakshi Mittal-TGT Ms. Ankita Paliwal-PRT Ms. Priyanshi-PRT
Ms. Nidhi Shukla-PRT - -
Ms. Anita Jha-TGT Ms. Madhuri Singh-PRT Ms. Anjali Raj-PRT
Ms. Anjana Devi-PRT Ms. Sarita Nain-PRT -
Ms. Tripti Dogra-PGT Biology Mr. Sumer Kumar-PGT-Physics Mr. Rajiv Sharma-PGT-Chemistry
Ms. Megha-TGT Ms. Monalisha Tyagi-TGT Ms. Ankita-PRT
Ms. Nidhi Shukla-PRT Ms. Jaspreet Kaur-PRT Ms. Priyanshi-PRT
Ms. Anjana Devi-PRT - -
Ms. Vandana Arora-PGT Ms. Manju Thakur-PGT -
Ms. Ritika Sobti Dahiya-PGT Ms. Anu Sharma-PGT Mr. Amit Kumar-PGT
Ms. Sanchita Ashish Arora-PGT Ms. Yagya Vishwamitra-PGT Ms. Ushas Menon-PGT
Ms. Tamanna Sharma-PGT - -
Mr. Sudhir Mishra-PGT Ms. Manju Rohella-TGT Ms. Niharika Saini-PRT-Yoga
Ms. Lakshmi Sharma-PRT Ms. Shiva Gupta-PRT Ms. Pratibha Goyal-PRT
Ms. Jyoti Kathuria-PRT Ms. Nutan Jha-PRT Ms. Ruchika Bhaita-PRT
Ms. Shweta Aggarwal-PRT Ms. Monika Khutel-PRT Ms. Disha Rana-PRT
Ms. Sangeeta Singh-PRT - -
Ms. Jasmine Rana-NTT Ms. Jaansee Dhankhar-NTT Ms. Ridhima Vasudev-NTT
Ms. Tannu Aggarwal- NTT Ms. Neetu Sharma-NTT Ms. Sarita Singh-NTT
Ms. Garima Chhabra-NTT - -
Ms. Sanchita Arora Ms. Sapna Kumari
Mr. Bhupender Singh-PGT Ms. Shalini Goyal-TGT Ms. Chandni- PRT
Mr. Shyam Kumar-TGT-Music Mr. Pingmayar Siro-TGT-Music Mr. Himanshu Sharma-PRT-Music
Ms. Dipasree-Dance Teacher Ms. Nisha Sharma-Dance Teacher Mr. Vijay Saini-Karate Coach
Mr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar-Sakating Coach - -
Ms. Manleen Kaur- TGT Ms. Neha Sharma-PRT
Ms. Tamanna Sharma - Counselor Ms. Navdeep K. Gill - Special Educator
Parent School Partnership

Home is an important grooming ground, of school and childhood. It is the most crucial period for learning. In order to achieve the all round development of the child, maximum cooperation between the parents and school authorities is needed.

With a mission to create an inspiring ambience from home to school, parents are updated about the development of the child and his needs through special counselling sessions, an intensive regimen of circulars and diaries and Parent Teacher meetings.

Parents receive a progress report of their wards at the end of each semester. They are encouraged to meet and interact with the faculty during PTMs and motivate their wards to achieve higher levels of performance.

Parent school
A Rich Experience

Each child is blessed with their exceptional potential and intelligence. The role of education is to encourage self-realization and DIS has created a unique environment to provide the right stimuli to encourage learning through the joys of exploration... thus making students take the first right step towards a great future!

Delhi International School is a place where pupils learn faster and learn more since learning is accelerated. We work on them without any form of bias. Our learning programme intellectually engages, inspires and spurs academic achievement.

DIS extends opportunities to its students to reflect on their day's experience and creates an environment to enhance their academic performance.

A Rich Experience
Building a Bright Future

Education is the prime equipment of having a bright future with great knowledge and skills for students. Thus, to deliver the proper knowledge and skills, Delhi International School follows a seven point programme to build a bright future for the young student community.

  • To develop an attitude for rapid and consistent learning among our pupils.
  • To encourage scientific interest and observational studies particularly through the local environment.
  • To assist our pupils in developing a global outlook and an attitude favouring global peace and progress.
  • To develop in our pupils a healthy competitive spirit.
  • To inculcate the best of moral values in them.
  • To nurture in them high social values through quality education.
  • To help our pupils grow into complete human beings.
Building Bright

School Committees

Committee Members Venue Signature
Discipline Mr.Sudhir Mishra (Incharge)
Ms. Madhuri
Ms.Manju Rohella
Ms. Navdeep
Ms. Vandana
Ms. Ritika
Mr. Raviranjan
Mr. Vijay
IX A -
Anti Tobacco Ms.Manju Rohella (Incharge)
Ms.Dharmendra Tyagi (parent)
Ms. Monalisha
Two school students
IX B -
Academic Ms.Manjima (Incharge)
Ms. Madhuri
Ms. Ritika
Ms. Tripti
Ms. Anita
IX C -
Internal Committee (sexual harassment) Principal maám
Mr. Amit
Ms. Seema
Ms. Anju (Admin) (NGO member)
X A -
Grievances Mr.Bhagat Singh
Principal Ma'am
Mr. Sumer
X B -
POCSO Dr. Tripti Dogra (Incharge)
Ms. Navdeep
Ms Tamanna
Ms Anu
Ms. Megha
X C -
Care and safety/ disaster Management Mr. Sudhir Mishra (Incharge)
Mr.Manju Rohella
Ms. Kamla (parent)
Mr Shubham(admin)
Ms.Dharmender (parent)
Ms. Bharti (School Nurse)
Ms. Anisha (reception)
Ms Ritika Malik
XI A -
Transport Mr.Dharmender
Ms. Madhuri
Ms. Manju Rohella
Mr. Shubham
XI B -
Canteen Mr.Shyam
Principal maám
Head Boy
Head Girl
XI C -
Library Ms.Manleen
Ms. Neha
Ms. Sanchita
Ms. Manjima
Mr. Madhu
Senior library -
ECO Ms Jayeta ( Incharge)
Ms. Yagya
Ms Kamla
Ms Bindu
V C -
CBSE capacity Building/ Workshops/ Seminars Ms Vandana (Incharge)
Ms Manju Thakur
Mr. Vishu
Senior computer lab -
Inclusive Education Ms Navdeep
Ms Anju (admin)
Ms Tamanna
Ms Madhuri
Ms Ritika Malik
Ms. Manjima
Special education room -
Purchase Ms. Shalini (Incharge)
Ms. Anju (admin)
Dr. Tripti
Mr. Shubham
Bio Lab -

Schedule as Follows

1st meeting- 29th April, 2023
2nd meeting- 14th July, 2023
3rd meeting- 2nd September, 2023
4th meeting- 18th November, 2023
5th meeting - 17th February, 2024

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