Physical Education in Curriculum

DIS has implemented the Physical Education in Curriculum programme. is an innovative and interesting programme where physical education is incorporated in the curriculum.

Dedication, discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, accountability, a sense of planning, quick decision making power, team work, leadership, co-ordination in work, and the will to succeed besides a good physique and strong mental abilities are some of the gifts gained from sports.

DIS places a lot of emphasis on compulsory participation in sports and games. It is ensured that every child is provided a platform to perform.  student at DIS undergoes a general fitness programme that includes yoga classes. The skill-set of each student is identified and nurtured, and students are given opportunities to excel, and join the school sports team.

The faculty at DIS is nothing but “the best”. The physical education instructors and coaches for all games comprise of national level players who guide and train the young sports to achieve their goals. They don’t leave any stone unturned and take utmost care for the development of a positive sports culture in the school.

Apart from organizing inter-school and inter-house competitions, the school takes part in state and national level sports events. The campus has provision for basketball, throw ball, table tennis, roller skating, volley-ball, kho-kho, cricket, football, taekwondo etc. Many of our students get selected to play for the state and national teams.