Infrastructure & Facilities

The school building has been designed by highly specialised and skilled architects of the field, in order to get the maximum benefit of the natural resource such as the Sun light. Every area of the school building is very well lit with sunlight, in order to provide maximum natural surroundings even in the fully air-conditioned building. Spacious air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with  student friendly desks and chairs, lockers and cabinets. 

The list of specialised study centres includes:

  • Multimedia Hall

  • Dance Studios

  • Mathematics Lab

  • Conference Hall

  • Multimedia Performance Centre

  • Computer labs

  • Library 

  • Sports room

The  students  receive  an  ample  exposure  to  various sports activities due  to  the  presence  of  the  following  in the  school  premises .

  • Soccer Field

  • Basketball Court

  • Indoor Badminton Court

  • A Composite Play Field

  • Swimming Pool

  • Squash

  • Tennis Court