Sport Builds Character and Leadership

DISedge physical education curricula emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical education activity and help students develop theknowledge, motor skills ,attitudes ,behavioral skills, and confidence required to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. The sprawling campus supports all sports activities, with its basketball court and open grounds.

The sports policy at DIS edge focuses not merely on winning, but also on participation in a wide range of activities. Our physical education programme  for Nursery - Grade 3 is focused on building a foundation of movement skills. This group of students works onbuilding the basic skills (i.e.loco-motor, manipulative and non manipulative skills) which involve fundamental movements. We reinforce these skills in Grade 3 - 5 with the help of modified games (i.e. in sports /modified games like football, basketball , cricket ,volleyball etc.)

DIS edge  organizes an Inter - house sports competition which aims to involve all students in a sporting activity on a regular basis. The Inter - house program ensures a good natured competitive spirit amongst all DIS edge students  as they compete for house points.DIS edge offers the following sporting activities:


1. Swimming 

2. Horse Riding 

3. Basket ball 

4. Football

5. Skating

6. Karate

7. Taekwondo

8. Cricket