Orientation Course on Non-Violent Communication
Dear Parents and Students,

Non-Violent Communication is a powerful tool of effective communication and conflict resolution based on Gandhian Values of Non-Violence, Mutual Respect, Understanding and Compassion. On the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an Orientation Course on NonViolent Communication is being launched by the CBSE in association with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samitii (an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture). Parents and Students of schools affiliated to the CBSE can join this course. Course is being offered without any registration fee or course fee.

The Guidelines of the course:

1. Interested candidates may register by using following links Registration link for the Parents and Students https://forms.gle/zhR7C8vgqiLHybJ9A

2. Links for the course material and reflective exercises shall be shared with the registered candidates by email from 10th October 2020 onwards.

3. In addition to course material few webinars shall be organized through live streaming. Links of the same shall be shared with the registered candidates.

4. Please note that participation in webinars is not a mandatory condition of the course.

5. Certificate will be issued on completion of reflective exercises after study of course material.

You are requested to participate & avail the benefits of the course which will help in overall wellbeing of an individual and the society.


With best wishes,

Delhi International School Edge

Affiliation No. : 2730828

School Code : 25424

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