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Encouraging intellectual, physical and creative skills through play activities and learning by example

The building block years are infact the foundation for a childs' future. We at DIS Junior believe in creating a firm foundation for our students so as to strengthen their future. At DIS junior, a child during these years undergoes the following stages of learning

Personal, social and emotional development

We at DIS Junior promote the idea of equality since the day a student enters our school. All students are inculcated with values of equality, brotherhood etc through various activities that involve sharing , team making/building.

Physical developement

At DIS Junior, our goal is the holistic development of our students. It is for this reason that our students are involved in physical tasks like; Judo, Karate, skating, aerobics etc.


Language learning

Communication is a way to ones mind. At DIS Junior , language learning is fun filled as children move from stages of sand writing to water writing followed by air writing and finally moving on to the formal way of writing using pencils and notebooks.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

At DIS Junior, we create global heads with hearts. In order to meet this goal we equip our students with basic knowledge pertaining to flag, currency language etc of nations across the globe.


We believe that each child is unique and our aim is to ensure that all children learn,develop and grow to their full potential

Kindergarten generally is the first time when most children are exposed to a classroom environment wherein a lot of listening is required and the play way method of learning still continues yet the analytical skills of the students needs to be enhanced at a higher level.

At DIS Junior, students of the Kindergarten classes undergo the following stages of learning :

Reading a necessity

At DIS Junior we create the love for reading in our students since the Kindergarten years. Students are exposed to reading basic & important terms.


Introduction to mathematical concepts

At DIS Junior, we aim to create minds that are unique. Introduction to mathematical concepts is done with the aim of creating unique minds, minds with analytical thinking. This is developed through mathematical concepts.

Practical methods

It is believed that one can only understand concepts specifically those related to science, through experimenting the same. At DIS Junior, we conduct practical sessions to provide hands on experience for basic scientific concepts


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