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Delhi international school - about us

Started in the year 2004, since its inception DIS Junior has aimed at empowering each individual under its care. We aim at reaching beyond curriculum and promoting overall personality development. With diverse activities designed to meet curriculum needs, our students are trained to meet the challenges of the evolving world. We at DIS possess an environment of rich and diverse culture as we truly support the concept of secularism. Each of our students is inculcated with values of fraternity and brotherhood.

DIS Junior is also fortunate to earn the title " Creating Global Heads with hearts", by our former President Late APJ Abdul Kalam. Providing complete justice to its title, every student at DIS is shaped to be a Global Citizen.

Our inspiration

Delhi international school - Inspiration

Dr. R.P.Singhal , our dear sir will always remain alive in our hearts as he was in true sense a friend, philosopher and a guide. Dr. R.P. Singhal held various senior responsible positions in his time from being the former CBSE chairman to the Advisor of World Bank. In April 2007, he was honored with the "Life long contribution to School Education Award" by Chief Minister of Delhi.

His profound wisdom and lofty ideas have been a source of inspiration for the entire DIS family. His words like beacon of light acted as a great source in elevating DIS on to a higher platform of progress and growth.

Our vision

The DIS Junior family consist of visionaries who aim at enhancing the skill set of the individuals under care. The young years are the building blocks of ones' life. Henceforth each student of DIS during these years in tendered like one would tender a tree. It is primarily for this reason that we aim to empower each individual during these years in a manner that this individual is able to attain great heights in the future.

The School aims at all round development of a child's personality by providing education of a high quality, an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed and a setting that furnishes all the necessary tools of learning. It is ensured that the young member who enters the DIS family is able to meet satisfaction for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an indomitable spirit of reasoning.

People behind

The faculty at DIS Junior comprises of people with rich educational background in addition to the qualities of a true mentor. For the faculty of DIS Junior, students are like destinies that need to be shaped so as to meet the needs of the evolving world. Our faculty possesses effective communication skills; both inter personal and intra personal, management skills, and a mind with a creative bent.

Considering the fact that young learners are filled with curiosity, our faculty leaves no stone unturned in satisfying the curiosity of these learners. The DIS Junior team consists of qualified and dedicated teachers who impart education to our pupils with complete and selfless commitment and this certainly earns them with tremendous respect from their students and develops a special bonding with the pupils. For us every child is unique and holds tremendous potential. It is primarily for this reason that each learner is given attention and their skill set is enhanced.

Owing to the fact that learning has no age bar attached to it, the faculty at DIS Junior is encouraged to participate in Seminars & Workshops related to their field of education to enhance their effectiveness in teaching.

Group chairman

Delhi international school - chairman

"A right step in the right direction, with the right intentions for benchmarking the highest ambitions"

The Sun is the ultimate source of light extinguishing the darkness of the world, the infinite symbol of benevolence, the eternal source of inspiration. The knowledge, likewise, magnifies its radiance to brighten up the man’s position to transform it from the wilderness to the supreme glory. Having an indelible imprint of this thought—Delhi International School came into existence, founded by the philanthropist and a successful business magnate Mr Mahesh Kumar with an ambition to engage some of the brilliant minds of the region in the process of developing India as a frontrunner in the path of success.

Today, DIS Group of Schools, enthused by this inspiring tree has adopted it as Group’s Logo and is spreading its branches in Rohini and soon in Gurgaon . The Group apart from running its own schools goes out of the way to reach out the underprivileged masses. In its corporate social service endeavor, it has silently adopted over 100 schools in Rajasthan along with other infrastructure to provide them with the basic facilities .

This is DIS Group's first move towards the exploration of new horizons to groom students holistically and ultimately

"Creating global heads with heart"

Parent school

Home is as important a grooming ground as school and childhood is the most crucial period for learning. In order to achieve the all round development of the child, maximum cooperation between the parents and school authorities is needed.

With a mission to create an inspiring ambience from home to school, parents are updated about the development of the child and his needs through special counseling sessions, an intensive regimen of circulars and diaries and Parent Teacher meetings. At DIS Junior regular communication is established with the parents through varied means of Fliplearn, Facebook and even through telephonic conversation.

Parents receive a progress report of their wards at the end of each semester. They are encouraged to meet and interact with the faculty during PTMs and motivate their wards to achieve higher levels of performance.

A rich

We at DIS Junior believe that each child has an innate capacity to grow into an outstanding human being. Our faculty plays a crucial role of recognizing this innate talent and capability that our learners possess. Our curriculum for these young learners refrains from cliché teaching methodology and is designed to create interest in the academic domain.

Diverse activities full of creative ideas are employed to strengthen the academic base of the young learners. An equalized focus is maintained on both curricular and co-curricular activities so as to ensure the overall development of the young learners. Learning is accelerated in a play way method with the aim of making everyday as a rich learning experience.

Teaching methodology

teaching methodology

We at DIS Junior employ a Child Centric Teaching Methodology with 4 broad dimensions of Innovation, Interaction, Experiential and Evolving.

Innovation is at the apex of our Teaching Methodology. Our faculty comprises of faculty with divergent and innovative thinking. Our students are trained with a skill set that promotes innovative thinking. Activities like clay molding, story enactment, poem recitation act as a source of building the innovative potential of our students.

Interactive Teaching Methodology aims at enhancing the communication skills of our young learners. This is aided with the usage of smart class wherein learners are exposed to interactive modules.

Experiential Learning:- We at DIS Junior believe that our learners can gain knowledge through hands-on-experience. It is for this reason that are learners are exposed to scientific knowledge through practical methods.

Evolving:- The world today is evolving at a great pace. In order to meet the needs of this evolving world, DIS Junior is always well equipped with latest teaching methods. Our learners are also trained on developing personality traits of this evolving world.


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